Surrokko pens are versatile and stylish fine writing instruments that suit any occasion.

These durable pens will compliment any activity and they suit any environment.

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Surrokko fits everyone’s lifestyle. We have designed this pen for every occasion both in the office and out.

Whether you are sketching ideas, signing deals, making plans or writing letters – Surrokko will elevate your style.

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Surrokko Pens

The Experience

Finally, a designer pen that can do everything and doesn’t cost the earth.

The Details

All of the key technical information about our pens.

Lifetime Guarantee

The pens are manufactured and finished in New Zealand to strict quality controls. They are built to be used for a lifetime.


The length of the pen with the cap on = 146mm. When the cap is removed the length = 142mm.


The pen body has a large 14mm diameter to provide a solid feel. The pen grip is a comfortable 12mm diameter. These will help you hold the pen better and means that you can write more comfortably for longer.


The total weight of the pen with the cap on = 44g. The weight with the cap off = 35g.


The pen comes in either a gel rollerball or fountain pen edition. The rollerball uses the excellent Pilot, Hi-Tec-C Slim Knock Gel Pen and the fountain pen uses a fantastic Bock Red Nib size F.


The pen is finished in a matte, deep black ceramic anodizing solution which has better wear resistance than standard anodizing.


Don't take our word, see what other people have to say.


I have found, probably like most people, that I don't write much more these days as I am reliant on my phone and computer. Working as a digital animator I have also found that I don't draw or sketch as much as I would like to. When I got my Surrokko pen, however, I became more conscious of carrying it with me, especially in the office, to either write with or for sketching.

Surrokko Pens

As the chief testing engineer for the last few years, I can say it's pretty good. I love that it comes in a rollerball and fountain pen. I mainly use the rollerball as the gel ink is precise like a fountain pen but better for beginners and then you can move up to the fountain pen.

Surrokko Pens

The first thing I noticed when I saw the Surrokko pen was the unusual shape. Then when I picked it up it was really nicely weighted and just felt good in my hand. My colleagues have commented on it and I often find people coming over to my desk and just picking it up to look at and play with.

Surrokko Pens



Surrokko Pens


I am a 'gear guy'. I am responsible for all the less technical stuff.

Surrokko Pens


I am an engineer first and foremost. I am responsible for all the technical stuff.


Here’s a roadmap of our campaign.

November 2019

Design and Prototyping Complete

February 2020

Product Finalised

March - April 2020

Campaign Preparation

May - June 2020

Pre-Launch Campaign

July 2020

Crowdfunding Campaign launched

August 2020

Campaign ends

Send out surveys

September 2020

Post Campaign

Start Production

Ship rewards


Answers to some common questions. If you want to know anything else then feel free to message us or send us an email: team.surrokko@surrokko.com

Where does the name Surrokko come from and how do you pronounce it?

The name Surrokko is a derivation of the word scirocco, which is a type of hot dry wind that originates in the Sahara and blows across Spain and Italy. We pronounce our name as SAH-ROK-KO. This describes the hot wind that drives us (see below).

What does Surrokko mean?

There is a poem by Elroy Flecker that has always resonated with us. Toward the end of the poem there is a group of travellers (pilgrims) who are about to set off on a perilous journey, along the ancient silk road, away from the comfort and safety of their home. When questioned why they are leaving they reply: "We travel not for trafficking alone, By hotter winds our fiery hearts are fanned." Here the characters are describing their purpose in life as more than just making money. While that is important it is not their 'why' and nor is it ours.

How/Where are your pens made?

We manufacture the pens ourselves in New Zealand. First we precision machine the pens from aircraft grade aluminium. This is a time consuming process due to the unique angles of the pen. At the same time we have a supplier fabricate the clips from stainless steel. Then we assemble the pens ourselves and get them anodized and laser engraved.

Can I purchase larger quantities and do you ship worldwide?

Definitely! Both larger quantities and global shipping are included in our Kickstarter Campaign. Please get in touch with us via email if you need to discuss this further.